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Healing through Connection

What is Balanced Mind Space?

Founded by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Owner of Stone City Counseling, Inc.,  with the goal of offering psychoeducation, support, and connection to women struggling with stress, depression, or anxiety.... Balanced Mind Space is a support community that offers self guided therapy programs along with conversation aimed to facilitate learning, growth, and healing from past experiences and everyday struggles that impact our moods and well being.  Within Balanced Mind Space you will find the warmest community of people with similar journeys and goals, interacting and offering support to one another. We are real women talking all things mental health.  There are weekly live online support groups that are moderated by a licensed mental health professional. Balanced Mind Space offers tools and exercises aimed toward increasing your skills in coping with stress, depression, and anxiety, along with, journal prompts, informational articles, challenges, quests, and more! There is so much to gain from connection with others. Balanced Mind Space offers that connection and a safe space to do the healing work you desire. Balanced Mind Space is NOT therapy, but is always therapeutic!

Why You Should Join Me

  • Guidance from an experienced psychotherapist.  Not therapy, but always therapeutic!
  • Self guided therapy programs to help you understand yourself better and combat a range of concerns from trauma to panic attacks to building an amazing mindfulness practice and so much in between!
  • Practical tools and proven frameworks offered daily to optimize coping and well being.
  • An amazing community forum of real women just like you talking all things mental health!  
  • Connection to the warmest and most helpful weekly live support group.
  • Live (virtual) events to increase your skills and connect with others face to face (if you like).
  • An ever growing resource library to aid you in research based self care practices.
  • Meditation courses and programs coming soon.  Gain first access!
  • EFT tapping groups.
  • So much knowledge and community in one place to help your mental health journey, where ever you are on it. 

At Balanced Mind Space, we believe connection to others is the best way to heal from stress.  We believe it is vital to feel safe in our connections and when we do, those connections will help us to grow, learn, and become more mentally and physically balanced. 

Do You Struggle with.....





Difficulty being present or feeling joy

Trouble Sleeping

Feeling edgy, irritable, or otherwise 'activated'

Feeling numb, shut down, or withdrawn

Then Balanced Mind Space is the Place for You!

Balanced Mind Space is an amazing addition to formal medical treatment or as a stand alone resource when therapy is not available or desired.   It aims to help you understand: 

What can I do to better manage my stress and worry?

What can I do to feel more balanced and in control of my life?

Can I learn to truly love who I am?

Can I learn to be present and experience joy in small and big moments?

Why do I overthink everything, is there a way to trust myself and the universe more? 

If you feel ready to begin examining these questions and truly finding the answers....  Ready to love and accept yourself fully and start believing that there is nothing wrong with you!, then join us!.....We will feel privileged to have you and you are welcome with the warmest acceptance!  

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the virtual support groups and what happens there?

We are currently offering 2 times for our support group.  Every other Monday at 5pm EST, and every other Tuesday at 3:30pm EST.  These meetings are included with your membership. It lasts 1 hour and is conducted via a private zoom link.  Its starts with a short discussion topic and questions for consideration and the rest of the time is for sharing and conversation.

Do I have to speak or show my face for live virtual meetings?

Never!  Showing your face and sharing is always optional.  Turning your camera on is always optional.  You could simply listen in or just take part in the community without attending live meetings, which is always invaluable!

What if I can't make the live virtual meetings?

There is a ton of value within the community even if you aren't interested in or cannot make the live virtual meetings. The community and these other resources are accessible any time!   For the meetings, due to privacy, we are not recording the live virtual support groups so there will not be access to replays.  

What if I don't have a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, or trauma?

No formal diagnosis needed!  There is always something to be gained from the tools, resources, and connection in our community to help with all levels of depression and anxiety.  

Do I have to be a client of Stone City Counseling, inc (SCC)?  

Of course not!  You do not need to share any of your information with SCC at any time and this community is open to all women in need of it!

What about privacy?

Though only Balanced Mind Space members have access to the zoom information for weekly support groups and the community forum, we cannot guarantee your complete privacy or confidentiality.  If you are concerned, you could consider keeping your video off or using a different name.

You are also welcome to use a different name/nickname when joining the community and creating your profile and only share the information you are comfortable sharing.

What does the membership cost?

Balanced Mind Space community membership starts at $15.99 per month.  As the community grows, there will be options to add other features as needed for additional cost, but these are never required and there is a ton of value in the basic membership!

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time, but we do not offer refunds.  Please contact us directly at [email protected] with any questions related to this.

How do I download the app?

To access Balanced Mind Space on the go, you will need to download the Mighty Networks app.  You can download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for "Mighty Networks." The iOS app is compatible for both iPhone *and* iPad, and the Android app is designed to work perfectly on your favorite Android device. 

Once inside the Mighty Networks App, search for Balanced Mind Space and join the community there!

Ready to Join us??

Choose a membership plan below and get instant access to everything Balanced Mind Space has to offer!

We can't wait to meet you!!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all Balanced Mind Space supporters.  It is you that helps to foster growth, connection and healing in the warmest community.  It takes all of us to improve the mental health landscape of our world today, and the active role you are taking to do that is seen and appreciated.  

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